Letter for Primary Schools

Note: if you have not already done so, please also read our introductory page of key facts about opting your child out of religious education classes.

This letter should be addressed to the principal. If you do not get a reply within two weeks send the letter to the Board of Management. If they do not reply or you are refused write a letter of complaint to the Minister for Education and Skills. Please also let us know of any developments in your case.


I wish to exercise my Constitutional Right under Article 44.2.4 to opt my child out of Religious education class and any Religious service.

Section 30 – 2 (e) of the Education Act 1998 reads: “Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Minister – shall not require any student to attend instruction in any subject which is contrary to the conscience of the parent of the student or, in the case of a student who has reached the age of 18 years, the student.”

As the Religious Education class is contrary to my conscience I wish to opt (child’s name) out of this class. Please confirm this in writing and please do not discuss this matter with my child.

Yours faithfully,

2 Responses to Letter for Primary Schools

  1. Gwilym Edwards says:

    My 9 year old is being taught about Islam in a Welsh School, and I am a BMP member, they should be learning about Paganism or about Owain Glyndwr, so why are they teaching kids about islam, I know they also takes them to a Mosque, we are not yet an Islamic state I don’t want my kids exposed to a barbaric sect

    • ewa says:

      I grow my child with respect for her self and with advice how to be god person, but she have to attend catholic clases, we are good human Muslim, not barbarian, maybe u are.

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