John Hamill of Atheist Ireland discusses discrimination in state funded schools on Shannonside FM.

Michael Nugent discussed State-funded schools in Ireland demanding baptism certs of children trying to access the school, on KFM Radio with Shane Beatty on 6 August 2015.

Michael Nugent speaks to an Atheist Ireland meeting about how religion harms education, in the Davenport Hotel in Dublin on 21 April 2015. Michael is introduced by Jane Donnelly.

Michael Nugent and Jane Donnelly of Atheist Ireland met a group of Danish students who were in Ireland to study secularism, marriage equality and abortion, on 24 April 2015.

On the day that Atheist Ireland met Taosieach Enda Kenny, Derek Walsh, who attended the meeting, told George Hook on newstalk about how Irish schools discriminate against atheist parents

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